Hi. I'm here to help you voice your brand.

Voice-Over Artist

I offer brands a unique advantage: a native English voice talent, delivered swiftly and affordably. With my own recording studio, I can ensure top-quality productions without delay.

Elevate your brand's message with my voice recordings.

Anna Patterson


Your English Voice

With my voice, I can provide you with a flawless English voice for:

  • YouTube videos
  • Radio ads
  • Telephone recordings
  • Web-based live videos
  • Image videos

Do you Need a Bilingual Announcer?

Your audio can be bilingual or exclusively in English. See the examples below. In addition, I can offer home recordings. 


I work with sound studios, creative agencies and NPOs like:

  • Sound Brands Vienna
  • Frequentis AG
  • Wirtschaftsuniversit√§t Wien
  • Serviceplan Austria GmbH
  • Cake Communications
  • LKNR | The Brand Agency
  • Tonstudio Holly
  • pilotFilm

Native English Voice

How I work

Customer service is ALL about the details.

Top Content

Prior to recording, your text undergoes meticulous proofreading. This review ensures any questions are addressed beforehand, guaranteeing flawless delivery.

Quick Turnaround Time

I'm reliable and can deliver your audio recordings in a short time frame. Home recordings are also possible.

Professional Recording Artist

I'm a trained recording artist with years of experience.


Get in touch with me and I'll send you a personalized quote for your brand's project. 

About Me

In Vienna

Languages: US English & German

35 years old

Bachelor: USA

Master: Austria

Voice Training from Werner Sejka


Anna Patterson